Thursday, March 5, 2009

Try Outs!

Kay, so me and Dexter had finally completed our first balloon car with wheels attached, balloon attached, design completed, the works. Dexter had the honour of testing the balloon car and observed it himself. The car at first did quite well with the balloon full of air going straight until the balloon started to run out of oxygen. Which was then that the balloon had caught onto the back of the wheel and started to force the car to stop (the balloon catching onto the wheel acted as a brake for the car). Dexter said that the balloon car had gone passed 5 meters, I did not get the chance to see the balloon car in its experimentation stage so I was unable to determine how far it really went but I will take Dexter's word for it that it had gone according to what he said (or else). We are currently making adjustments to the balloon in general rather than the car, if we can somehow prevent the balloon rom falling to the wheels then there is no need to fix the car.

P.S. There are no pictures of the failed car because me and Dexter have already started making adjustments.

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